The Butcher's Cleaver and Good Career and Life

The article "The Butcher Who Carves Beef" is placed in "Zhuangzi's Health Preservation Master", perhaps it has its reasons. Doing the work of butchering by oneself will not tire the body, and can continuously improve, which is indeed beneficial to both physical and mental health.

Specific work is better than just managing.
Painting, writing books, coding, studying plants, etc., can nourish people, while mere management will only deplete them.

Connecting with the world is crucial.
Farming, gardening, and other activities that connect with nature and the world help people establish a connection with the world; reading books, watching dramas, etc., only serve as spectators. Connecting and interacting with the world is very beneficial for people.

Modern urban life, as well as tourism aimed at sightseeing, have disconnected us from nature. By the age of 30 or 40, we still do not know about magnolias, heathers, blackbirds, or spotted-necked doves.

Therefore, artists like botanist Zhang Xiaogang should always do things by themselves, maintaining a connection with nature, which is the key to a good profession and life.

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