Death, loneliness, freedom, and meaninglessness - the four ultimate questions of life defined by Owen Alon. I have also been wandering among them this year.


Everyone lives in a self-made or man-made cocoon. Some people see a prosperous era, while others see silence, as if they are in the sky, not knowing whether they are flying into space or falling to the ground.


I finished reading 25 books this year, and there are about 10 books that I haven't finished. Looking back, I haven't finished reading a hardcore book, but reading is like sleeping, it calms me down and comforts me.
Some books have been read for a long time, and after the washing of time, there are still things left.


"The Unbearable Lightness of Being"
How much strength does a person's life have to withstand the erosion of cancer time and time again? How should we treat our own bodies - our closest friends, or even ourselves?

"The Long Journey of Solitude - The Biography of Su Dongpo"
In the not-so-distant Northern Wei Dynasty, after the war, the victorious side would kill all the adult males among the leaders and ministers, and seize their wives and daughters as palace maids, and castrate the children as eunuchs. However, the palace maids and eunuchs are not like the "irreconcilable enemies of killing their fathers" in martial arts novels, but they dutifully survive in the palace, serving their enemies who killed their fathers, husbands, and sons. They just want to survive, just like animals. How many years have passed since love, hatred, affection, and dignity, which are considered fundamental now?

"The Journey to the Lone Star - The Biography of Su Dongpo"
Greatness is not tolerated, and high talent is a burden. Has it ever changed in thousands of years? Is this the difference between civilization and non-feudalism?
Even the first talented person is a traveler of time. If you don't seize the opportunity, wander around with a lamp at night, life will be a complete failure.

"The Essence of Poverty"
Capitalism and the Matthew effect can actually plunge the British in 2021 into extreme poverty, even unable to eat and sleep on the streets. Fukuyama's statement that history seems to have not ended. But what about socialism? What is its relationship with a free economy? Has it been proven, is it really effective?
What kind of life is meaningful, self-respecting, and enjoyable?

"Starting from the Limit"
It turns out that Ueno is not an internet celebrity. How down-to-earth are the topics she discusses, and how realistic she is.

"Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future"
It turns out that things are done like this, and it turns out that someone can be so realistic.
"Civilizations decline like this because they give up adventure."
"We don't want to eliminate all risks in design, otherwise we will achieve nothing."

"Reading Library 2306"
Li Bai's underlying color is eternal sorrow. He has given "death, loneliness, freedom, and meaninglessness" to the wine cup. But he is in society and refuses to admit it. He is not Camus, he can't write "The Plague", nor is he Lu Xun, he can't see Ah Q. Therefore, he is not a hero.

"The Navarre Bible"


If you ask Behzad what the secret of happiness is, he will only look up at the sky and say, "Stop asking questions and start appreciating." The world is so magical, but humans are so numb to it, accustomed to taking everything for granted.

We are afraid of death because we have not created, we have not created because we are incapable of honesty, we are incapable of honesty because we cannot bear anxiety, and we cannot bear anxiety because we are lonely.

"War ends when one side loses the will to fight." - Clausewitz.


"Life is so short." This kind of statement has entered my mind several times this year. When I wake up still feeling tired, when I receive news about my family's health at my desk. This allows me to observe my life from the perspective of a time machine and an observer. And then I think: life is limited, how should we spend it? Are those ideas and standards that we take for granted, never questioned, and never examined correct?

Is it better to have more income? How much of our body, freedom, and emotions should we give up to be appropriate?
Does salary have to keep increasing? Can it be reduced? Is salary the only criterion for measuring work? Are there other criteria?
Who is the happiest when a child has good grades and grows tall? Or is it something else? Is it better for children to be lively, enthusiastic, kind, and brave, and to find their passion?

I have no answers in my heart, but the perspective that life is finite and extremely short has made me ask questions.


The sound of the river is magnificent, and the Milky Way stretches across the sky. In 2024, will I wander around with a lamp at night, push a big stone, or fight against windmills?

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